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26.2.2018 we were mating of Hennesey with Duran v. Team Hühnegrab. We expect litter in end of April.




21.2.2017 We wait litter from Canthera and Netzer v. Aducht

12.1.2014 we have new litter from Schumann v. Tronje and Proxyma z Gilanu- 3 females and 3 males



9.1.2014 we have new litter from Count Ustinov v.d. Ybajo Hoeve and Vigilia z Gilanu- 4 females and 3 males


17.8. 2014 We were in stud with our female Chaira. Father of our next litter is Milow v. Dakota - sable VA male!






♦10.10. We have new litter- Gersi has 5 males ( 2 black and red and 3 are gray-sable) and one gray-sable female ( reserved).

♦21.9. Panthera is winner from show in Pribram- JHKl.

♦31.8.-2.9.- BSHZS Ulm - Nocturna was SG114 and Nyssa was SG13 (LSH)

♦20.8.  We have new litter- Charge and Wax Leopard Rex-8 females and 4 males. Only one female and one male is black and red, other puppies are sable,

♦15.8. We were in stud with Gersi ( Mir z Arnultovic) and with Chaira- Irok de Intercanina.

10.5. Metalica has 4 puppies- 3 females and 1 male, father is Yogl v. Hammelsbacher Hof.

♦20.4. 2012 We have 3 litters- Nylla and Ferrari v.Agilolfinger, Algebra and Veron v. Exterstein and Chaira and Veron v. Exterstein- 7 males and 7 females. Only one female is sable, all puppies are black and red.

♦ 28.9.2006 Updated pedigree and females page.

♦ 28.6.2006 We up-dated photogalleries and some photos of our females

♦ 16.6.2006 We started up the English version



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